Claims van Arntz

  • Damage claims shouldn’t take forever to resolve.
  • Damage claims shouldn’t cost more than they have to.
  • You can trust 30 years of experience.
Arntz brings clarity to the most complex of claims. Arntz is there to ask the right questions so you can make the right decisions.

If need be, Arntz coordinates and manages the entire surveying process for you. A straight line to the best solution: that’s what 30 years of experience and a huge network can do for you.

Arntz stands for black and white in a world of grey areas. Surveys, claims, insurances, disputes: Arntz knows them inside and out.

You can contact Arntz for

  • claim handling, consultancy and surveying
  • mediation (settlement out of court)
  • arbitrage & expert testimony (in court)
  • training & coaching
  • auditing